Friday 1 February 2013

All New, Never Mash A Diva  

Sound Unsound Worlds Greatest Divas Mashed

Like a beautiful songbird that can sell millions of records,
The Diva displays awesome talent that charms the pants off the sternest listener.
So to speak.

We at SoundUnsound began to have suspicions that you wanted more Divas mashups when you deluged us with requests.

After a wonderful courtship over December 2012 through January 2013, we now announce our mashup nuptials in the form of the 2-disc SUS forum release,
SoundUnsounds' NEVER MASH A DIVA!

So many of our favorite bootleggers contributed to this gem of a collection.

Check out the tracklist!

2 disks. 39 tracks featuring 35 divas from 15 bootleggers,
2 hours and 36 minutes of mashup.

Disk 1/2

 Disk 1/2 (320 kbps 182 MB) here download or here download or here download (192 kbps 115 MB)

 Disk 2/2

 Disk 2/2 (320 kbps 190 MB) here download or here download or here download (192 kbps 119 MB) 










Monday 10 December 2012

Blue Stare

A new Christmas tune from me.

Elvis Presley 'Blue Christmas' instrumental


One Republic 'Stop & Stare' vocal.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Tracks That Are Rarely Travelled.....


An excellent new compilation put together by Envision.

Tracks that are rarely travelled...

01 = Katy Perry ft. Billy Currington - Part Of Me Is Crazy

02 = Jessie J ft. Blake Shelton - Domino Home (Amoraboy)
03 = Muse ft. Chris Young - A Starlight of Tomorrow

04 = Queen ft. Toby Keith - Love This Vision (Michmash)
05 = Maroon 5 ft. Kasey Chambers - Not Pretty Enough To Call

06 = Gotye ft. Garth Brooks - Somebody Rolls (Ryan Nellis)
07 = Kylie Minogue ft. The Band Perry - Go Hard or Die Young

08 = A-Ha ft. Darius Rucker - Come Back To Me (Jarod Ripley)
09 = Carly Rae Jepsen ft. Darius Rucker - Call Me, Alright

10 = Poison ft. Lee Brice - Talk Dirty To A Woman Like You (Hi Fi Banjo Strings)
11 = Nick Carter ft. Luke Bryan - Don't Wanna Be The Other Guy

12 = Bruno Mars ft. John Michael Montgomery - I Love The Way You Are (rappy)
13 = All-American Rejects ft. Toby Keith - I Wanna Kiss You Like That 

14 = Kevin Rudolf ft. Billy Currington - That's How Country Boys Rock (DJ Darkz)
15 = Penguin Prison ft. Darius Rucker - True Warning
16 = The Feeling ft. Sugarland - I Love It In The North (mARKYbOY)
17 = The Never Ever ft. Darius Rucker - History In The Last Breath
18 = Paramore ft. Zac Brown Band - Deep Misery (Justincredible)
19 = Blink 182 ft. Darius Rucker - Won't Be Feeling This For Long
20 = Boys Like Girls ft. Blake Shelton - God Gave Me Thunder (...And Sushi)
21 = One Direction ft. Darius Rucker - This Is Beautiful
22 = K. Douglas, R. Williams & Petula Clark ft. Dolly Parton - Downtown Fight From 9 to 5  

23 = Sia, Rihanna & Foster The People ft. Shania Twain - Where Am I Gonna... (Titus Jones)
24 = P!nk ft. John Denver - Take Me To A Perfect Home (envision. & rappy)
25 = Rihanna ft. Chely Wright - Single White Rude Boy (Chocomang)
26 = Ke$ha ft. Lady Antebellum - Country Youth
27 = LMFAO ft. Martina McBride - This One's For The Party Rockers (Voicedude)
28 = Lady GaGa ft. Eric Church - Hell on the Monster
29 = Green Velvet & Technotronic ft. John Denver - Take Me Home La La Land (DJ Useo)
30 = Adele ft. Billy Rae Cyrus - Rollin' In The Achy Breaky Heart (rappy)
31 = Iyaz ft. Chris Young - You're My Melody
32 = Sugababes ft. ZZ Top & Alan Silvestri - Doubleback Round (G3RSt)
33 = Christina Aguilera ft. Travis Tritt - Your Body Ain't Workin' (DJ Daw-Gun)
34 = Temper Trap ft. Jason Aldean - Dirt Road Disposition (...And Sushi)
35 = Hall and Oates ft. George Strait - Run From The Maneater
36 = Billy Joel ft. Taylor Swift - Get The Last Christmas Right (Bonus Track)

Thursday 6 September 2012

The 50s made people doo wop!
The 60s made people twist.
The 70’s brought us disco.
The 80’s brought it all together.

Now, its 2012 and the 80’s are back!

Listen to this collection of splendid new 80s mashups by many popular artists!


Saturday 19 May 2012

My second tune that features on Envision's 'The 4th Point of Procrastination'

Bruno Mars 'The Way You Are' instrumental

Ozzie Osbourne 'Mr Crowley' vocal

One of my tunes from 'The 4th Point of Procrastination' compilation by Envision:

Goldfrapp 'Ooh La La' vocal

T Rex 'Ride a White Swan' instrumental