Saturday, 5 January 2008


Checked into


this morning and to my utter surprise was informed (on one of the threads) that I had been mentioned in an article about GYBO in yesterdays Guardian newspaper!! The complete article has some great links, see Guardian Unlimited for the complete article.

The bit that (briefly) mentions me (for the idle amongst us!) :

'Best for mash-ups: Get Your Bootleg On

The mash-up scene isn't as hot now as it was at the beginning of the decade, but with virtually anyone now able to mess about with music editing software on their home PC, there are more amateur mash-up artists than ever. Many of these bedroom bootleggers congregate on Get Your Bootleg On, a vibrant community site with more than 14,000 registered members. Every day, budding producers post links to MP3s of their latest masterpiece in the Bootlegs forum. Some of them are terrible, but the quality on GYBO is generally high; as a vague rule, the more replies to a posting, the better the track tends to be. To keep its members inspired, GYBO also runs regular challenges to create a bootleg around a particular theme - be it the Charlatans or dancehall/reggae- which is where many of the best mash-ups surface.

Download: mARKYbOY - Deee-liteful Milkshakes (posted 29/12/07)'

Not sure if mine falls into the 'Some of them are terrible' category or not!! You'll have to download some and make up your own minds!!!!


Deee-liteful Milkshakes


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