Monday, 31 March 2008

Why Don't You Bleed When I Miss You

Another melancholy tune here! Probably just getting rid of the last of the winter blues!!

This tune uses Puff Daddy's instrumental of 'I'll be Missing You' with vocals from Faith Evans and vocals also provided courtesy Skunk Anasie's "Bleed'.


Why Don't You Bleed When I Miss You



Hope you like it...........................


Friday, 21 March 2008

Together I'll be Beautiful

This tune is a bit of a departure from recent tunes. This features the glossy instrumental and 'pella from Fern Kinney's 1980 hit 'Together we are Beautiful' and vocals from a young Jacko with the Jackson 5's 'I'll Be There'. The two songs sound like they were separated at birth and have now been reunited at last. A beautiful duet!

Download it @

Together I'll be Beautiful

Hope you like it!


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

You Luniz Better not Waste my Time..........

This tune uses the instrumental and some acapellas from Camden Town's finest, NDUBZ 'You Better not Waste my Time' laid under acapellas from Oakland's finest - Luniz 1995 tune 'I Got Five On It'.

Download it here:

'You Luniz Better not Waste my Time'


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

BiG Christina's Tragic Steps

This tune uses the instrumental of Steps version of the Bee Gees classic 'Tragedy'. Laid over the top are vocals from Christina Aguilera's 'Ain't No Other Man' as well as vocals from the Bee Gees and Steps too.

Pure, cheesy pop!! Luuurrrrvvvve it!!!

Link down for a bit....................!


Monday, 3 March 2008

The Anti-Hit List


Back to the Ritz -Download here!



I noticed a couple of days ago that the site was getting lots of visits from Canada via The so decided to check it out!

I discovered that one of my recent mashes featuring Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald had appeared in John Sakamoto's Anti -Hit List at number 7. I had no idea what this was so I Wiki'd it and found out:

'The Anti-Hit List is a weekly music column by Canadian music critic John Sakamoto. The column presents a countdown list of Sakamoto's ten favourite non-hit songs of the week. This may include indie rock, mashups, forgotten classics, and other assorted bits of Internet musical culture. Each entry provides a link to a web page where the track can be streamed or downloaded. The column was originated on Sun Media's CANOE website. It subsequently moved to eye, and currently appears on the Toronto Star's website. In 2005, Sakamoto and the Star launched an Anti-Hit List podcast.'

John Said:

'An unlikely mash-up of the former's "Back to Black" and the latter's "Puttin' on the Ritz," this is a case when only one song is transformed by the incongruous company it keeps. Winehouse's bleak worldview casts a long shadow over Fitzgerald, making Irving Berlin's ode to the wealthy (and those aspiring to look like they are) seem even more sarcastic and mocking than it does on its own.'

I'm glad he enjoyed it - I hope you do!!