Monday, 18 April 2011

80's UK Mashed

The talent from Sound Unsound have released an excellent new compilation today featuring a multitude of talent fromthe 1980's UK music scene mashed with dozens of contemporary artists.

Disc 1

01-You've Got To Relax (DDJ Edit) (Digitalldj) Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs Candi Staton
02-We R the Sanctuary (Chocomang)
The Cult vs Kesha vs BEP
03-GrEnAdeIOU (mARKYbOY)
Freeez vs Bruno Mars

04-All Roads Lead To Calle Ocho (DJ Useo) The Stranglers vs Pitbull
05-Hanging On Blue Monday (DJ MXR) Kim Wilde vs New Order vs Barney
06-Alive And Feeling Suspicious (G4Gorilla) Elvis Presley vs Boston vs Simple Minds
07-Another Hell Coming (Dj MashUP)
Avril Lavigne vs Judas Priest
08-Big Plush Log (DJ Petrushka)
Stone Temple Pilots vs Robert Plant
09-Atomic Rebel (Tweylo)
A-HA vs Billy Idol vs Blondie
10-Easily Divided Lover (G4Gorilla)
Linkin Park vs Philip Bailey and Phil Collins
11-Never Gon'na Give Up My Modjo (Guv'nor)
Rick Astley vs Modjo

Disc 2

01-The Way You Touch The Ass (DJ MXR) Yazz vs The Housekrushers vs Erotic Dissident
02-Crazy Dance (Chocomang) David Bowie vs Gnarls Barkley
03-Oscillating Monster (G4Gorilla) Lady Gaga vs The Smiths
04-Hit Me With Your Saxphunk Stick (DJ Useo)
Ian Dury & The Blockheads vs Criss Source
05-Big Country Hook Up (G4Gorilla) Big Country vs Kelly Clarkson
06-Close Highlander In NY (DJ MXR)
Sting vs Next vs Queen
07-Pumpkin Shout (mARKYbOY) Tears For Fears vs Kate Nash

08-Bullet The Frontier (Chocomang) Peter Gabriel ft Kate Bush vs Richard Cheese
09-I Love a Man In A Fluorescent Colored Uniform (DJ Useo)
Gang Of Four vs Oscar Rocha
10-Fade to Bad Romance (Chocomang)
Visage vs Lady Gaga vs Marrs
11-Dont Go You'll Never See Me Again (mARKYbOY)
September vs Yazoo

12-Never Gonna Give You Odds (G4Gorilla) Rick Astley vs Phil Collins


80's UK Mashed

or here:

80's UK Mashed

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